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Body Centric Energetic Healing

Dr. Girard has devoted many years to researching techniques for emotional, mental and spiritual healing through the body. She has developed a unique and expansive system of healing (Panharmonic Energetic Healing) that allows the determined patient to get to the core of their issues. Her technique uses the patient’s own body to not only discover underlying issues but also to re-pattern them. Patients have been helped in discovering:

  • All forms of emotional issues, current and chronic.
  • Belief systems and thought patterns
  • Spiritual issues
  • Energy body imbalances.

    Her primary technique used is called Panharmonic Energetic Healing.

  • Personal Statement:

    Using optimum healing protocols, my mission is to provide a clear path for each individual patient to recovering quickly and completely, on all levels.

    For me, my work is the perfect synthesis of healing, creativity, science and intuition. It is where the intent of the patient to heal and my desire to provide an optimum and thorough path to recovery comes together. Each treatment is a dance where the tried and true techniques that I have honed over twenty years are met by the needs of that individual on that day with their unique reason for seeking my care. At the end of the day, I am energized and grateful that I have the honor of providing health care to my patients, friends and family.


    “Thank you for all your care, love and healing during the past 20 years. You
    always seem to go immediately to the place on my body that needs the most help. And then I sail out of your office feeling all "put back together again!"
    You are a blessing!”


    My teenage son and I have been going to Valerie for chiropractic care for many years. She has the ability to tune right into the person's problem. She's gentle, yet firm. She's up on the latest technologies. Most important she knows how to listen and genuinely cares about her clients.

    Caren A.

    Valerie's extensive background of chiropractic, nutritional and varied other healing arts allows her to be an incredibly effective healer. My long-term back problems have improved significantly under her care. I appreciate how she takes the time to understand the cause and nature of the problem, and then address it on multiple levels, including suggesting exercises to be done at home. Her willingness to have the patient be a partner in the treatment is very empowering. She brings a vast knowledge of chiropractic and medical techniques together with well-honed intuitive skills, and the healing occurs!
    Both of my kids love Valerie's work as well, and they let me know whenever
    they need a visit.

    Julie Wexler, Ian and Melanie

    Valerie is a healer in the way of the ancients. When wellness meant wholeness, and healing addressed more than the physical body. Her gifts are many, her understanding profound. It's a blessing to treat with her.

    Joyce Gustafson

    I have needed help with a low back injury (horse accident)
    for over 20 years, and feel very fortunate that I was finally referred to Dr. Valerie Girard. Dr. Girard is not only focused on spinal manipulation, but has a broadened holistic approach to her practice. She works gently and efficiently with spinal alignment, and also considers and works with the body's chemical, energetic, and emotional imbalances. Dr. Girard is my only doctor. She approaches her patients from a very positive place in her heart, and this makes her an especially gifted healer.

    -Chris Hagerty

    Valerie is a gifted health care professional, full of wisdom, humor and dedication coupled with a TRULY wholistic approach to her work as a chiropractor.

    -Dennie LaTourelle, W.K.
    Council Circle Training Center

    I had a terrible infection of Clostridium Difficile, a bacterial infection
    of the gastrointestinal tract. After numerous attempts by western medicine to correct it using antibiotics, I visited Dr. Girard's office, and with her treatments, I was completely back to normal in less than two weeks. Most C. Diff. sufferers can take up to one year to recover!


    I've been to many chiropractors, but none intuitively knew where to work on my body. Valerie knows. She looks at me and moves directly to the area in need. She's relieved me of back pain, headaches, and got me walking on the same level again. She encourages patients to become aware of their own body and learn how to maintain a healthy one. It's been a pleasure being her patient, one of many whom she always remembers whether it has been a week or six. A true healer, I highly recommend Valerie Girard.

    -Kimberly Hahn

    I have been working with Dr. Girard for 15 years now, and she is the only chiropractor able to align and heal my body on so many levels. I am more balanced emotionally, nutritionally, physically, and spiritually. She has mastered and fine tuned profound diagnostic skills that set her apart from other practitioners I have experienced. I will be forever grateful for her insight and care.

    -Nancy Faulkner