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The term meditation refers to a broad range of practices, all of which involve the focusing and enrichment of awareness. Benefits may include deepened peacefulness, greater insight, specific enhancements of mental or physical functioning, and spiritual development. Meditation is becoming increasingly appreciated, and is now widely recommended in health care settings. In 2003, Time magazine did a cover story on meditation's many practical applications. In their words, "Why meditate? Because it works!" It's one of those essential things that, once you do it, you can't see how you did without it. It's relatively easy to learn and delightful to practice. I very much encourage you to give it a try!

--Spencer Sherman, PhD

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3 Guided Meditations
With Ann Todhunter Brode, Manose,
and Christopher James Thomas

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Olive Branch Sangha
Judith and Greg Smith Meditation for beginners, as well as those returning to and/or wishing to enhance their practice. Private classes also available.

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Spencer Sherman, PhD
Mindfulness, Psychotherapy, Healing imagery
Psycho-spiritual guidance

2003 Alameda Padre Serra
Santa Barbara, Ca 93103

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