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Kathy Marden
2953 Valencia Dr.
Santa Barbara, Ca.
About Kathy    
New Clients  

 "I believe strongly that it is in the relationship of trust   created between the therapist and client that allows us to   become more fully alive and real."


I have worked professionally in Santa Barbara for 25 years as a psychotherapist, teacher, lecturer and workshop leader. While the particular focus of my work may have changed over the years, I have always been committed to helping my clients create more fulfilling lives with a greater sense of confidence and purpose.

For the past 15 years much of my work has focused on helping people with chronic pain and illness manage their pain more effectively and recreate a more satisfying life despite physical limitations. Currently I am facilitating groups called “Coping Creatively with Chronic Pain” which allows participants to share and find support from others who deal with this challenge and also to learn pain management techniques and strategies. Much of that work entails learning about finding balance between the body, mind and spirit. From these clients I have learned about courage, resilience, optimism, and hope.

Recently I have developed a program that talks about the “Barriers to Balance”, what is it that gets in our way of creating a healthier life style. I explore what I call “The 7 Deadly Sins”, like, guilt, perfectionism, worry, etc. and then help clients develop the “ABC’s of Balance”.

I feel that it is a privledge to sit with clients, to listen to their stories and provide a safe place to grieve, laugh, scream, be silent. I learn and grow with every encounter and my life is enriched through this process.

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