Lynda Wilkinson

P: 805.569.1923
9 West Islay Street
Santa Barbara, Ca. 93101
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Personal Statement:

Due to the unprecedented leaps in skincare technology, today is the most exciting and rewarding time to be in this business.

Our mission statement is to offer a relaxing and customized experience, specific to the client’s needs to ensure the maximum results in taking excellent care of your skin.

We believe in providing comprehensive service for all ages of clients. We encourage teens to begin a skincare regiment early not only to combat the awkward acne years but also to better understand each one’s particular skin make-up and appropriate maintenance. As such we offer tailored programs for all ages, both male and female.

We have a professional and conscientious team trained personally by Lynda that customizes each client’s program to suit their lifestyle and personal needs. This program is modified as the skin changes.

This is an interactive process. New clients bring in their existing products and ask questions. More importantly, Lynda asks several detailed questions of them regarding their skincare regime in order to design a program for the best results.

In today’s world, all aspects of life impact the health of the skin. Emotions, hormones, the physical body, and the environment are all contributing factors. To this end, we pride ourselves in a harmonic and relaxed atmosphere for a truly positive and nurturing experience.