Deborah Duenckel Allen
P: 805.569.6277 x103
Family Therapy Institute
111 E. Arrellaga St.
Santa Barbara, Ca 93101

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Joseph Campbell once said that “myths are clues to our deepest spiritual potential”.

I love the work that I do when I engage on a therapeutic journey whether with a family, couple, adult or child. I view this as a collaborative exploration to heal old wounding, retrieve lost parts of self & soul, re-engage with loved ones, and discover how to transform life’s challenges into meaningful experiences that bring greater wisdom, passion and vitality to our daily lives. Connecting with our story or myth, helps us to understand what our purpose in life is, and to experience the power of these resources.

I believe that my life experiences have provided a foundation of wisdom from which I can draw upon in my work with individuals and families. Born into a family with mental illness, addiction & creative genius; becoming a step-parent and guardian; and experiencing the death of three of my closest relatives are just a few examples. I am an avid seeker of knowledge and continually read and attend workshops on the newest developments in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, integrative medicine, psychoneuroimmunology , women's health, and spiritual psychology.

I strive to live my life with heart, integrity, compassion and commitment to bettering our global community. I enjoy the small things in life…spending time with family, sunset walks on the beach, reading great literature, listening to a wide range of music, flying down the slope of a mountain blanketed in fresh snow, feeling the gentle purr under the silky fur of my cat….I try to find bliss in the simple moments and remain grateful for all that I have today.