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Psychotherapy, specializing in couples

Working with couples leads me back to the heart of being human. I say this fondly. We are relational creatures. After years of working with people, I believe the desire for intimacy is part of our human design. It calls us to love, to somehow surrender our defenses and return to a state of magic and discovery. Nothing else satisfies like open, vulnerable heart connection with another human being.

Couples usually come to me when their trust has been broken, when they have lost their connection or the fire has gone cold in their relationship. They are at a crossroads. Do they value what they have enough to invest further, or do they cut their losses? Common questions that emerge at this junction are:

Is there a way to express our differences, conflicting needs, and objections yet stay out of power struggles?

Can I be vulnerable, risk being authentic and still feel safe in our relationship?

Is it possible to re-kindle passion in our sexual life?

Yes, yes, and yes. No matter how trampled, broken or malnourished a relationship has become, when provided with the right relational nutrients, love can grow again. Communication is key. The work I do with couples teaches a certain kind of dialogue--a safe and respectful way to talk about our impact on each other and how to ask for what we need. It is a dance of real contact, whether verbal or non-verbal, it is where we authentically meet. In my observation when both people willingly enter this conversation, love sprouts.

Most of us experience the magic of contact when we fall in love. However, over time the inevitable happens: we bump into conflicting needs. After enough frustration or disappointment (everybody has their own threshold of tolerance for this), most of us return to familiar ways of protecting ourselves. We all have had to develop these subtle and not so subtle tactics in order to survive, however, intimate contact only happens when communication is expressed through genuine vulnerability. Conversely, protection begets power struggles. There is just no way around this. Power struggles are exhausting and eventually suck the life out of a relationship.

How DO we disarm when we don't feel safe? I have developed a unique way to guide individuals back into their vulnerability. They learn with me how to co-create a safe environment in which to dare to do this. There are simple, accessible underlying relational principles that, once learned, empower couples into a life-long discovery/exploration of intimacy. Their dynamic shifts from crisis and power struggles to a nurturing partnership where two people share their dreams and return to play. Amazingly couples counseling is deep and most often short term. There is tremendous power when two or more people become aligned. What I like particularly about working with couples is that once this shift takes place, they no longer need a therapist. They have each other.

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Now offering sessions for individuals, couples, couples support groups

Anny Eastwood, MA, MFT has been in private practice for twelve years. She has a Masters in Clinical Psychology, Antioch University; four years of post graduate study, Gestalt Institute, Los Angeles; three years Relational Gestalt Training (a model synthesizing the dialogic dimensions of therapy with insights into self-development arising from self psychology and intersubjectivity theory)

In addition to private practice, her experience includes working three years as a family therapist in a hospital Eating Disorder Unit; one year as a therapist at the Matrix Center (a substance abuse treatment and recovery clinic); a program director and therapist leading art therapy groups for patients in a residential treatment program.

With a fifteen-year background in the performing arts, Anny’s work has always included attention to the healing powers of the creative process and self-expression. In addition to practicing psychotherapy, she has pioneered Finding Your Voice, a healing modality that opens the natural voice and is directed by the wisdom of the body.

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