What Is Mind-Body Energy Work? What Is Specialized Kinesiology?
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“Mind and body are inextricably linked, and their second-by-second interaction exerts a profound influence upon health and illness, life and death. Attitudes, beliefs, and emotional states ranging from love and compassion to fear and anger can trigger chain reactions that affect blood chemistry, heart rate, and the activity of every cell and organ system in the body—from the stomach and gastrointestinal tract to the immune system.”

--Kenneth R. Pelletier, PhD

Many mind-body energy work practitioners have been trained in techniques to determine where blockage or imbalance is present in the interaction of mind and body and methods to re-establish a flow and balance that is health promoting.

Some forms of mind-body energy work are:

Specialized Kinesiology
“An adjunctive natural healing method that uses muscle testing as a biofeedback technique to determine communication problems, imbalances or disharmonies in mind, body or spirit. Once identified, the practitioner may employ a wide range of techniques to correct the imbalances identified…”

--From The Institute of Applied Neurogenics

What Is Specialized Kinesiology?

Specialized kinesiology is an adjunctive natural healing method (non-diognistic except for those licensed to do so) that uses muscle testing as a biofeedback technique that is used to determine communication problems, imbalances or disharmonies in mind, body or spirit. Once identified the practitioner may employ wide range of techniques to correct the imbalances identified and confirm the correction by retesting the muscle.

At its most basic level muscle testing is used to check if individual muscles are functioning properly. The Specialized Kinesiologist places your limbs into specific positions and then applies firm or light pressure depending on the type of testing being employed. The quality of response to this pressure determines whether or not the muscle is working properly or facilitated, or not working properly inhibited. Imbalances in the muscle tone result in structural deviations that can cause a verity of client complaints from discomfort and pain to more serious conditions of dis-ease.

Each muscle and organ has an energetic relationship linked to an acupuncture meridian and has physical, emotional and nutritional components. Many somatic reflexes that affect body fluid flows such as neurolymphatic and neurovascular reflexes also have organ and muscle relationships and are used in many correction procedures. Imbalances in any one of these systems can also cause a muscle to weaken and correction of the imbalance in most cases corrects the muscle weakness.

A Specialized Kinesiologist through muscle testing can detect and correct many different components of an imbalanced system and restore harmony, which often reverses the process of dis-ease. In specialized kinesiology the Specialized Kinesiologists observes the client as a whole organism rather than a symptom. This allows many different avenues of approach and requires that the client be totally involved in their own healing process.

In order to become a Professional Member of the International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists (IASK), or ASK-US the Association of Specialized Kinesiologists in the United States, the Specialized Kinesiologists must have a minimum of 1,000 hours of training documented in approved specialized applied kinesiological techniques and pass an evaluation examination. Many Professional Specialized Kinesiologists have thousands of hours of training which they bring into their work with their clients and Professional Members are required to attend yearly continuing education courses. In order to achieve the Master of Specialized Kinesiology Diploma the Specialized Kinesiologist must have a minimum of 4,000 hours of documented training.

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