What Is Somatic Therapy?
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Somatic therapy engages the feedback of the physical senses (sight, hearing, feeling, etc.) to invite a deepening of knowing and wisdom, which can lead to healing and a fuller life experience.

Somatic therapy
-- Looks through the lens of the body to discover truth
-- Listens to the voice of the body to dialogue with a wisdom that is not intellectual
-- Feels the sensations triggered by different thoughts and situations
And uses the experience to forge a valuable feedback loop to the cognitive mind.
Somatic therapy can include dance of movement, breath work, body as metaphor, body dialogue, psychodrama, toning sounds, etc.
The term somatic therapy is derived from the Greek word “soma” which means “body”

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Ann Todhunter Brode, C.S.T

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Yuri Zelez, M.F.T.
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