What Is Nutrition?
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“Clinical Nutrition refers to the therapeutic use of food and nutritional supplements to achieve and maintain optimal health. Scientific research continues to show the effectiveness of using food and dietary supplements to treat many medical conditions.”

--From the SB Center for Natural Medicine brochure

Nutritional counseling combines components of individualized therapeutic diets, fitness regimens, and counseling techniques to approach optimum health from the view point of specific biochemical balances and our personal relationships to food.

"We are what we eat"
--18th c. French philosopher Brillat-Savarin

But also, the destiny of a nation depends on how it feeds itself!

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Center for Hormonal and Nutritional Balance

Betsy Reynolds, RD,Nutritionist
Kathy Marden, MFCC,Psychotherapy
Roger Ford, MNFSH, MFET,Spiritual healing

601 E. Arrellaga St., Suite 201
Santa Barbara, Ca 93103


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Francie White, MS, RD
Nutrition, dietary issues
27 E. Victoria
Santa Barbara, Ca 93101
PO Box 835
Santa Ynez, Ca 93460

Sunshine Wellness
Betsy Markle, Registered Dietitian


Phone: (805)683-4422

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