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 Saturday Forays:
By: Laurence Hauben
Buying seasonal, local ingredients directly from the best local producers and food artisans will make your table a reflection of the soil, the weather, and the community members. These are the elements that are encompassed in the meaning of the French word “Terroir,” the “Je ne sais quoi,” that we enjoy so much while on vacation in small French or Italian villages. The good news is that we can create the experience of terroir-based cooking right here in Santa Barbara.

Our Saturday Forays will explore Santa Barbara’s bounty: We meet at 8:15 a.m. in front of Brophy Brothers at the harbor, and we shop for the freshest seafood directly from the fishermen. We continue to the Downtown Farmers Market, where you will get the inside scoop on who has the best stuff and learn how to recognize top quality produce. From there, we make a stop at the bakery for fresh loaves (and a chance to enjoy a cup of coffee), and then go to C’est Cheese.

Then we return to the kitchen, look at the delicious ingredients we found, and decide what we’ll make for lunch. Practical, intuitive recipes that we will execute together and that you will enjoy making in your own kitchen for years to come. Selected local wines will accompany our feast.

You will experience freshness, nutritious content, and a brightness of flavors beyond compare. Cooking becomes natural, because the more flavorful your base ingredients are, the less work you have to do to end up with a wonderful meal. It will change the way you think about shopping and cooking. But it will do more. By supporting producers and artisans who care passionately about what they do, you will play a key part in nurturing sustainability. These relationships will tie you to the community in an entirely new way. It might just change the way you choose to live.

See you Saturday!

Laurence Hauben
Fee: $75 per person - Included: Expert fresh market shopping guidance and cooking instruction. All ingredients for lunch, including premium local wines. Printed shopping guide, and recipes.

“I feel like I have been on a vacation, only I am not jet-lagged!” Maureen C., at the end of a recent foray.

To keep the experience intimate, our groups are limited to 10 people.
To reserve, please call Laurence at: (805)259-7229 or e-mail lmhauben@verizon.net

- Warm clothes (a hat is good on cold mornings)
- Cash in small bills ($20 and under) if you want to shop for your family while we tour the markets
- A shopping basket or cart
- An apron
- Your favorite knives and a cutting board (optional)
About Laurence:
Born and raised in France, Laurence Hauben has been a resident of Santa Barbara since 1983. Fascinated with all aspects of food since childhood, she began advocating for fresh, local, seasonal foods long before they became fashionable. No aspect of food or wine production in our area is secret from her. She wrote a weekly food column for the Santa Barbara Independent for over a decade, directed the Santa Barbara Certified Farmers Market Association, and pioneered the concept of an organic beach grill. Her writings have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Gastronomica, and Saveur Magazine. She is leader of the Slow Food Santa Barbara Convivium, and the Food & Wine Editor for Food & Home magazine. Saturday Forays is her most recent adventure.

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