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The Healer Within

by Roger Jahnke, DOM

( Reviewed by Ann Todhunter Brode,CST)

   Book Review
   Research Frontline
   Public Health Forum

   The Healer Within helps us discover the innate power we have to influence the well being of our families, our communities, and ourselves. In this book, Roger Jahnke introduces us to our “inner healer” through an ancient Chinese vitality enhancement practice called Qi Gong (“chi kung”). We are given health enhancement information, self-healing tools, practical daily exercises, charts, diagrams, and a philosophical orientation that addresses four avenues to optimum health
1) gentle body movemnt
2) self-massage
3) breathing awareness
4) deep relaxation/meditation
This is a gem of a book…both a practical self help manual and a great reference book. It is a must for everyone’s library and a book for parents who desire to teach effective and empowering information about the physical body to their children.

“When people learn about the healer within themselves and then take action to care for their own physical, emotional, and spiritual health, they are transformed.” --Roger Jahnke

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