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Creating Magic in Midlife
By Karla Freeman, LCSW


 (Reviewed by Ann Todhunter Brode, CST)

If we think of our lives unfolding like the chapters of a story, as one chapter closes, another opens. Each opening offers an opportunity for evaluation, housecleaning, and a fresh start. Karla Freeman has written a delightful book addressing the “midlife chapter” (age 45-70) of life’s story.

Just when you thought you knew what life was about, everything changes…or not. Midlife is a time of choice…settling or continuing to grow. Since growth is an essential quality of anything alive, moving forward and continuing to grow is synonymous with being alive, staying invigorated, and promoting health. “Settling” for status quo often means the opposite: deadening feelings, losing vitality and compromising health. If you are a “mid-lifer”, I invite you to sit down and acquaint yourself with the territory ahead. As Freeman says:
“If you understand your needs, your values and the process of change, you can make change work for you instead of against you. Most people ride the wave of change kicking and screaming- or they don’t ride it at all and sit gloomily on the shore. The more we learn about change, the value it has and the challenges, the less afraid we become.”

Freeman acknowledges that “maturing can take a lifetime” and her book offers valuable guidance in evaluating and setting course for the midlife years. She does this through a multitude of insightful posed questions and answers revolving around the potential for magic, meaning, mystery, and mastery as we mature.

Creating Magic in Midlife is 10,000+ words of wisdom and encouragement accompanied by helpful exercises, resources, tools, and anecdotes gleaned from Freeman’s extensive experience helping individuals and groups live life to the fullest!

Since 1972, Karla Freeman has devoted her career as a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) to raising awareness and developing programs addressing the cutting edge psychological themes of our time, including personal empowerment, body-centered psychotherapy and conscious/joyful aging.

Her book, Creating Magic in Midlife (available October, 2005) can be purchased locally at Chaucer’s, Book Den, Tecolote, and Unity Bookstore. For more information: www.magicofmidlife.com
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