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The Success Principles
How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

By Jack Canfield

(Reviewed by Ann Todhunter Brode, CST)
    Jack Canfield soared to fame as co-author of the acclaimed Chicken Soup books. What people may not know is that Canfield has been an advocate and leader in the human potential movement since 1969. Through many years of clinical practice, seminar leadership, and personal seeking, Canfield has a deep understanding of human behavior and a unique gift of distilling the simple from the complex.

  The Success Principles is a “how to” book of 64 success principles, over 70 interviews, comprehensive resources, and an extensive reading list. It is a work of true generosity in keeping with Canfield’s mission statement to “inspire and empower others to live their highest vision in a context of love and joy.” From all of his years of experience, Canfield is giving us all he knows – taking a little here and there from knowledge gleaned through his personal growth experience, his vast exposure to the professional field, and the multitude of stories he has heard along the way.

  Canfield is clearly a guy who is interested in helping others identify and attain their goals. As he bluntly states, “The one thing that seems to separate winners from losers…is that winners take action.” A significant “action” towards success could be to buy and read The Success Principles! Simply reading the book would be a catalyst for change and potential momentum towards personal success.

Like any good teacher, Canfield returns to the few points he wants to make—approaching them from different angles and offering a variety of illustrations to root them in the reader’s psyche. A couple of them that interested me were:
Whenever one door seemingly closes, another opens.

Ultimately the essence of success is about your relationships—with creative ideas; past-present-future perceptions; partners /associates/employees/ bosses; dreams; family and friends.

E+R=O (event + response = outcome)
If you keep changing your response, i.e. the “spin” you put on it, you will change the outcome.

The word forgive really means give it up for yourself – not for them
I recommend this book as a step-by-step manual towards changing your life and as a resource book that can be opened at any page, any time for wise guidance. I thoroughly enjoyed Jack’s fluent and engaging writing style and the multitude of interesting and inspiring success stories.

Jack shared a story with me that when he met Bill Clinton last year he told Bill that he envied him.
Bill responded “Why, because you wanted to grow up to be president?”
“No,” Jack responded, “because you got your publisher to give you 800 pages for your book and I only got 435.”
The truth is, Jack had twice as much material that he could have put in his book…what a resource!
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