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Mama's Preserves

A review of a Farmer's Market jam vendor by Ann Brode

I have been interested in eating a more alkaline diet which focuses on eating more fruits and vegetables, less protein and carbohydrates. Somewhere in the the process, I have gravitated towards eating a little jam on my cornbread (made with quinoa flour , no less!) and calling it dessert. Imagine how thrilled I was to come across the stand at the Farmer's Market on Saturday selling homemade jams and jellies! I had a nice chat with Lori who owns "Mama's Preserves" and walked away with four jars of jelly to lightly decorate the tops of my quinoa corn bread and spelt toast...believe me, the taste can't be beat and the diminished inflamation in my body is an extra bonus!

Family and friends helped me sample the jelly at various brunches and dinner gatherings over the past couple of weeks and here is the review:

The pear-strawberry jam was fabulous with just a subtle infusion of pear flavor to smooth out the strawberry a bit. We had it the old-fashioned way with untoasted bread and butter.

The pomegranate jelly was one of Lori's favorites and she encouraged us to try it. It definitely had a certain tartness that we associate with pomegranates but, like the fruit itself there wasn't much flavor and a lot of sweet. It was a gorgeous color! Although this jelly was the least favorite as a spread, I think it would be great as a glaze for roasted pork.

The lemon(Meyers)-strawberry seemed to evoke strong sentiment as some people really liked it and others did not. When further queried, those who liked it were also fond of marmalades. I was one of the fans and could imagine this jelly spread over a light layer of goat cheese on a cracker.

The nectarine jam was my favorite. It evoked that old-fashioned "jam essence" that one can imagine our pioneer ancestors enjoyed on their biscuits!

Checking the healthy variables with Lori, I was told that all of the friut is grown without sprays and picked overripe so that excessive sugar is not required to sweeten it. Give your self a treat and stop by Mama Lori's stand at the market, or you can order from: www.mamaspreserves.com

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