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Zihuatanejo, Mexico
Playa Troncones
General Information
Places to Stay
Sunrise over the mountains
Smiles greet you at every turn
Horses to ride along the coastline
Sunsets to revel in
Warm water to relieve you from
Warm sun that drives you toward shade,
Burros for authenticity
Guacamole to sooth your cravings
Chips and Corona to accompany your meals
Crab prints in the sand
Cactus lined dirt roads to make you forget
And relax into the pace of life that is at Troncones Beach, Mexico

General Information about Troncones Beach:
It is located about 45 minutes outside of Zihuatanejo, Mexico. There is an airport in Zihautanejo and so, for those of us in Southern California it only takes about 5 hours to reach this little bit of paradise. The village of Troncones is sweet and authentic, providing a dozen or so choices for mexican cuisine and even an Italian restaurant!
You can take Alaska Airlines directly to Zihautanejo. The low part of the season, in December, is still quite warm, both air and water, and is less crowded.

From the airport a taxi from Troncones can pick you up, which needs to be arranged ahead of time by calling Riccarda at 55 32868 or 55 32846. She is wonderful, speaks enough English to get by, and should cost about $60. Its a set price and you are not encouraged to tip. There is a bit of a taxi mafia, as in most lesser developed countries, that is eager to take advantages of fresh tourists just off the plane, so beware. Its best to arrange pickup ahead of time and set a price before you get in the taxi.

Riccarda will also take you into town, wait for a few hours while you shop in the many store of Zihautanejo, dine in their fine restaurants over looking the sea and perhaps visit the museum, and then she'll pick you up again. She charges around $50 for the whole days trip

Places to stay:


Hacienda Eden at Manzanillo Bay

Every room with a sea view, private balcony and bath, king-sized bed, ceiling fan, and well screened. It has been in operation for 8 years and is truely delightful. Also has a nice restaurant call La Cocina del Sol which does BBQ on Sunday.

$85 a night icluding breakfast and taxes.

For more information visit their website here

Also check out

Casa Ki
Casa de Helen
Posada de los Raqueros


People come to Troncones to surf because of the great waves and warm waters. There are rental places all over the place. Troncones Point Surf Club also rents homes out and is located next to the bay. Also try Jaguar Tours or ISA Mexico for surfing information. Just walking down the road your bound to find a place.

La Majahua is the next town. Its a cute little authentic Mexican fishing village that is located north on the Beach Road. You'll probably want to take a taxi....call up Riccarda! The walk would be slightly tedious.
In the hillside behind La Majahua there are cave tours along with a canopy tour by Jaguar Tours.

Dinner at Dona Martha's is the best this little fishing village has to offer...her little place over looks the bay, has hammocks and tables right on the beach. The view is well worth the possible wait for her to prepare your food.

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