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Body Breath: Three Guided Meditations

BodyBreath is a remarkable creative collaboration brining together master level musicians with the talented healer and therapist, Ann Todhunter Brode.

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Hello Grand Mamoon!

A children's story about the woman in the moon.

by Donna Steinmann

Hello, Grand Mamoon! takes readers, young and old, on a journey of real life discovery. Tula recalls stories of the woman in the moon her Grandma Nellie used to tell her, but she's never been able to see what her grandmother saw. Now, with her grandma gone, how will she find this ancient way of seeing the moon?

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What Tula finds is a gift that will inspire readers to turn their imaginations skyward, where an ancient connection to our natural world is revealed. Hello, Grand Mamoon! will have readers anticipating each full moon to see for themselves what? been hiding in plain view forever and ever.


All Natural Deodorant!

This organic essential oil deodorant is for you and your environment.

Naturally prevent and treat odor with our sustainable spray - it's simply luscious.

organic essential oils of lime, lavender, lemon, clove, grapefruit, sage, and wildcrafted rosewood and coriander in a base of tree lichen extract, glycerin and witch hazel

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Nurse-well was developed by Santa Barbara physician and mother, Dr. Christina Siegel, to help mothers succeed in breastfeeding their newborns. In her words: "Making sure the mother gets all the nutrition and hydration she needs at this critical time is up to all of us around her. When the mother feels good the baby will be happy."

"The Santa Barbara Midwifery Group wholeheartedly recommends the Nurse-Well products and guidebook for use by Mothers. We are seeing a surge in Mothers that desire to nurse, and there is a lack of consumable literature and real support products. The Nurse-Well kit helps fill this void and we will strongly recommend it to our Mothers." Anna Bunting, Midwife Santa Barbara California.

"I think every new mother trying to breastfeed could benefit from Nurse-well." Dr. P Barnwell, Pediatrician, Santa Barbara, California.

"I felt really good knowing I was getting enough water and it was one less thing for me to worry about" Sally mother of Sarah, 4months, Santa Barbara, California.

PLUS: Christina has offered new mothers and mothers-to-be a free guide to breast feeding that you can download at www.nurse-well.com

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