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The HeartMath System

  By Tina Lerner, MA.
Licensed HeartMath & Biofeedback Practitioner
Biofeedback has come a long way over the 20 years that I have been a Practitioner. Now, more than ever, managing the impact of stress is clearly recognized as a key factor to leading a balanced and healthy long life. It has been well documented that stress increases and multiplies the risk factors for numerous life threatening illness' such as heart disease, hypertension, and stroke, to name only a few. My clients are most often referred to me by their doctors to learn how to lower their risk for disease, and I often hear them say they hope to improve their quality of life. An increasing number of the people are also struggling with depression and anxiety contributing to sleepless nights and a constant state of overwhelm.
There are numerous Biofeedback programs available these days, and I work with many of them. I am much impressed with the HeartMath System. I find it to be one of the most effective and innovative stress reduction programs available. HeartMath is a well thought out system which addresses the mind, body, and emotions.
A growing body of research is beginning to provide objective evidence that positive emotions may indeed be the key to optimal health. They have been demonstrated to improve health, increase longevity and performance. In my experience watching the heart rhythm become more relaxed when a client genuinely feels an emotion such as appreciation, care, love, and compassion really shows how our biology experiences positive emotions.
Biofeedback shows you how to reduce and rewire your automatic, and often unconscious, stress responses. Seeing your heartbeat pattern ( or respiration, muscle tension, etc) displayed on a computer screen and learning how you can change it into a more relaxed, healthier, rhythm is empowering. The Bio-feedback increases the learning curve. HeartMath has created an easy to use biofeedback system that supports one in learning to manage stress and direct the mind, body, and emotions towards greater health and well-being.

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