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The Energetic Fertility Method
Tools For A Healthy Conception and Beyond

by Nancy M. Mae
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Nancy M. Mae has master's degrees in clinical psychology, cognitive psychology and a master certification in intuition medicine. Combining this training with her personal experience, she has developed powerful ways to encourage women to look deeper, let go, and find self-love as an integral part of bringing a baby into the world. The Energetic Fertility Method (Balboa Press, Hay House, 2016) helps us understand the basic principles of energy and how it flows through and around the body. Once you get how it works, it just makes sense to identify the stuck places and get the energy moving again. In Nancy's words: "In order to bring in a baby, you want and need your energy to flow optimally- for yourself and the new life you are creating."

For many people, the assertion that stuck or flowing energy could influence fertility or anything else might seem like a strange and new idea. Luckily, The Energetic Fertility Method includes lots of basic information and simple techniques to get the point across. Using the unique qualities of the seven basic energy (chakra) centers, Nancy takes the reader on a journey to address emotional concerns, release judgments, set affirmations, and invite personal growth and healing. As she says, "Acknowledgement, allowing space, forgiving, and letting go are important steps in helping to align your energetic systems with optimum fertility."

Using the chakras as they're traditionally aligned with survival, creativity, personal power, love, self-expression, intuition, and spirituality is a brilliant way to get deep and be comprehensive. For instance, if you feel some unease or tension in your throat chakra, you might want to investigate your communication issues, creativity, and how you express you inner truth. After you look closely, you can be proactive and get it moving by following Nancy's "Creative Energy Exercise" and journaling assignment "Family of Origin Exercise".

It makes sense that getting things moving and getting rid of old baggage is a good way to open the channels for something new to come through, whether it be deeper understanding, broader perspective, another opportunity, or new life. The perspectives and techniques in this book are helpful to any one who wishes to get pregnant, anyone who is pregnant, and, truthfully, for anyone who wants to free the flow and show up for life. A gifted writer, teacher, and coach, Nancy Mae has given us tools for self-healing and renewed hope.

Reviewed by Ann Todhunter Brode

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