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Interview with David Cumes, MD

With Ann T Brode, CST

You have said that as you read the bones they show us what to see...What should be paid attention to, and not what or how to be...that only we can decide that. How can people use the bone reading info. in their everyday life?
The bones show you "your truth" and do not allow you be be in denial with certain issues for instance a dysfunctional relationship. They also show you things that you may be unaware of or have lost sight of not only in the present but also the past and even the future. They give you a psycho-spiritual profile of your life to work with related to all the factors that we have to deal with - work, money, heart issues, spirit issues, family, health, intrusive negative forces, ancestors and spirit guides etc. They tell you how it is and free will dictates what you do with the information.
You have built a Sangorna healing center called Tshisimane on your land in the Soutpansberg in Africa. Where is that exactly and what is your vision for this center?
Tshisimane is in Limpopo province in the far north of South Africa. All the information is on our web site, but essentially the center is there to support, validate, research and practice indigenous healing methods including. divining, trance states, dream work, rituals and plant medicines.
Could you say more about your statement that "our own inner healer is best triggered by another healer"?
It can be difficult for us to heal ourselves although our own inner healer has awesome abilities. Another healer can enhance the power of belief and hope which is key to the placebo response and also invoke the more distant healing power inherent in the cosmic "field." This healing which comes in the form of love can be channeled by a powerful healer from the spirit world and other unknown and mysterious factors.

For information about scheduling a tradtional bone reading consultation with David Cumes please contact his office at (805) 964-6771 Also for more informaiton and travel opportunities feel free to visit David's website

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