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Mama's Perserves
A Farmer's market jam review

Saturday Forays
With Laurence Hauben

An Evening in the Kitchen with Laurence
by Ann Brode
I bumped into my friend Laurence Hauben the other day and we decided to spontaneously get together and cook and catch up. Laurence was going to the Farmers’ and Fishermen’s Markets on Saturday so suggested that she bring the food to my house and we would cook together. What ensued could be the backdrop for a delightful dream! (Read more)

Slow Food Movement
What is Slow Food? by Laurence Hauben
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The Slow Food Movement, which has an international following with over 60,000 members, has offered a response to the Fast Foods phenomenon.

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The Farmer's Market
All you need to know about the wonderful Santa Barbara Farmer's Market!


I long,
to shed tattered leaves,
and retreat to a life underground,
as if expecting Spring,

to be cut back to the bare essentials,
three strong branches and some bud wood,

vase shaped,
open to the sky.

-Ann Wisehart

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