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Mary Tingaud
Certified Clinical Thermographer
P: 805.898.1804
1725 State Street
Santa Barbara, Ca 93101
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Mary's Treatment Philosophy:

Balancing the body’s energy flow is central to stimulating the natural healing process from within. Acupuncture triggers homeostasis or as Mary likes to say “switches on our Autopilot”.

Along with the ancient art of Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, Mary’s patients can count on a wide range of healing practices culled from her many years’ experience as a practitioner of varied modalities. She utilizes these practices on an individual basis after great consideration of each patient’s needs. Not only does each patient have individual needs, but each condition will present differently in each patient.

Mary believes in the concept of ‘biochemical individuality’ from a functional medical point of view. This utilizes a wide range of lab tests to explain specifically how well organs and systems are functioning. Examples of this are the gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and neuroendocrine systems. She prescribes nutritional protocols to balance detoxification pathways, restore healthy gastrointestinal function and normalize immune response because these are primary cores to healing.

Genetic testing is another tool Mary uses to increase her patients’ awareness of there individual risks. She then creates nutritional suggestions to combat specific vulnerabilities and to help her patients remain healthy.

Neurotransmitters testing and providing amino acid formulations to balance neurotransmitter levels has provided great promise in the treatment of some mental health imbalances, hormonal issues, insomnia, weight gain and migraines. Mary utilizes this tool to improve quality of life for her patients.

Mary treats many sports injuries and musculoskeletal disorders drawing from her experience of various forms of bodywork in combination with acupuncture techniques that may include cupping, moxibustion, electro stimulation and/or hot stones. She frequently prescribes stretches, yoga postures or simple Qigong exercises.

Woman’s health is also an integral component of her practice. She utilizes Chinese herbal formulations, acupuncture, dietary recommendations and nutritional supplements to balance various stages of the female hormonal cycle.

Mary’s experience has taught her to trust her intuitive perceptions as well as her amalgamations of knowledge. Mary feels that touch and acknowledging emotions is an important adjunct to learning about each patients imbalances. She is fortunate to have a compassionate and patient nature which is an essential element for a health care practitioner.

As Mary says, “This is a life progression for me in a profession that will never reach its’ limit of research and challenges. I have the benefit of enjoying my work which is a great privilege. Working with each and every one of my patients is an honor that I cherish.”
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