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What is Homeopathy?
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Homeopathy, from the Greek words for “like” and “suffering” means the use of medicines that act in a similar manner as the disease, to encourage the healing forces of the body.

Homeopathic practitioners evaluate cure by rigorous standards. In homeopathic practice, all symptoms and conditions affecting a patient are regarded as pertinent to the success of treatment, and seemingly unconnected symptoms are evaluated together to ascertain the general status of health. Cure is attained only when all levels of the patient’s condition are improved, including, most importantly, mental health. Removal of symptoms without this overall improvement may not be interpreted as curative, and may even be seen as worsening of conditions.

--Don Hamilton, DVM

Read more about homeopathy in an article written by Andrea Estrada, a Santa Barbara writer, entitled Homeopathy -- More Than Just a Home Remedy.

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