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What Is Tai Chi/Qi Gong?
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Qi Gong is one of the four pillars of traditional Chinese medicine: Acupuncture, Massage, Herbal Medicines and Qi Gong. Of these, Qi Gong is the one that can be most easily self-initiated. Both massage and herbal remedies can also be done as self-care, however, Qi Gong is the mother of Chinese self-healing. Patients who use Qi Gong faithfully need less medication, less acupuncture and heal faster.

Tai Chi is one category of Qi Gong forms. Tai Chi consists generally of 108 separate movements that are connected together into a specific order. There are several kinds of Tai Chi including: Yang Style, Chen Style, Wu Style and others. Most of these forms of Tai Chi have created a short form, between 20 and 40 movements, that allows for beginners to learn more quickly, elders to have an abbreviated practice and patients who are ill to practice without too much to learn.

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David Barton, L.Ac
Tai Chi instructor
Private, classes, seminars


Leanna Snyder
Tai Chi Chuan-- the development of deep, smooth breathing
Shao-Lin Chuan-- the rhythm and power of Tan-Tui

P: 805.964.3167

Elizabeth Roscoe, BA, CMT, LMT

140 Hot Springs Road
Montecito, CA 93108


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