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Ann Todhunter Brode, C.S.T
P: 805.966.1681
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Personal Statement:

“When I work with clients, I draw from over 30 years of experience as a teacher, therapist, and healer.
My goal is to use my skills to help people live comfortably and fully in their body. I honor the body as sacred.”

Ann’s somatic bodywork is versatile and effective with people of all ages. She is a wonderful team player in professional collaborations and encourages an integrative approach to healing.

People come to work with Ann for a wide variety of reasons including:

Better self-image
Intimacy with self and others
Self-knowledge and peace of mind
Physical injury or trauma
Pre and post surgical care
Body conditioning
Aging issues
Relaxation and stress reduction

What Clients Say:

“I believe when I come to see you regularly that I inhabit my body more fully and that that prevents injury. There is an inhabiting intelligence in the body that is not between the ears. Coming to see you makes this accessible in some way that it is not otherwise.”
Sean Tait

“The sessions with Ann have changed my life. I feel safe enough to be in the moment. Like my spirit is having a human experience.”
Sally Chiu

“You helped me reclaim my body after I had rejected it for so many years. You taught me to love it and learn from it. Your nurturing wisdom and gifted hands gave physical and spiritual life that were indispensable to my healing process.”
Eric Kreuger

“I had suffered for years with neck stiffness and low back pain. After seeing a variety of professionals. I came to see Ann. Not only did she do bodywork on my whole body, my whole self—but we talked about my history, my attitudes, my self-esteem, as well as how I used my body in work, play, rest, etc. It was shocking to discover a childhood ankle injury (and resulting isolation and feeling of helplessness and betrayal) was connected to my present-day pain. After working with Ann for two years, I have absolutely no more pain. I know how to take care of myself and my view of life is totally different.

“I was invited to be ‘big’. Seems strange, I know, but having lived my childhood years working very hard to be ‘small’, it seems my body learned the lesson well and has, for 57 years, continued to excel at its struggle to make me disappear.
I’m 5’5” when I’m ‘big’. ‘Small’, I’m closer to 5’. A significant difference. My personality is not ‘small’. Clearly something has had to give and for me its been the area of my back around my shoulder blades involved in a struggle to make me ‘small’ and at the same time contain a ‘big’ person. So when I was invited to be ‘big’ it made perfect sense to me.
One side effect of becoming ‘big’ was unexpected. The body reflected back at me from the mirror is of a much thinner person. I love this new image of my self, full height containing all of me, taking up space and yet seeming to take up less.”
Kathlyn Paxton

“I was diagnosed with extreme adrenal fatigue and sought Ann’s help with stress management and hypertension. After three sessions I don’t hold myself as rigid as I used to, I feel a little looser and more relaxed. I’m remembering to take time for myself rather than constantly reacting to my environment. My headaches are better and I feel more energy for longer periods of time. And I don’t need a glass of wine after work to relax!”

A different person came home last night.
She was not who I expected.
Her legs, short since childhood, had grown
a remarkable three inches.
She walked with a swagger,
and when she danced it was with an abandon
not seen since the final days of the French Revolution.
Ooh la la! I heard myself squeal.
Aren’t I the one?

--Christine Kravetz

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3 Guided Meditations
With Ann Todhunter Brode, Manose,
and Christopher JamesThomas

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