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Professional roundtable discussions
This is an opportunity for small groups of diverse and complimentary health professionals to discuss topics of mutual interest and encourage creative collaboration.
Past topics include:
“Body, Mind, Spirit in Catastrophic Healthcare”
“Healthcare Teamwork and Scope of Practice”
“Impact of Current Events on Children”

Experiential workshops and Healing Retreats
Led by creative teams of complimentary facilitators, our aim is to nurture participants as we model ways to stay connected to our bodies, the present moment, and ourselves. In such an atmosphere, unhealthy patterns can be addressed and new avenues for healthy living can be discovered.

Healing Arts
Music, theater, visual art, poetry, dance, storytelling, et. al. are powerful catalysts for transformation, insight, and healing.
In April 2003 the storyteller and internationally acclaimed dancer performed in concert and taught a dance workshop for the Healing Center Foundation.

Public Health Forums
Bringing the collective wisdom of extraordinary healers in Santa Barbara is a natural segue of our roundtable discussions. Last winter our topic regarding children and current events became “Children’s’ Feelings about War and Its Aftermath”, a public health forum in May 2003.

Continuing education, training and research opportunities
Drawing from the creative range of master-level teachers in Santa Barbara, our innovative programs, which are oriented towards integrative techniques and whole person health strategies, have been well received in the professional community. We are authorized by the Board of Registered Nurses (#13460) and the Board of Behavioral Sciences (#1802) to conduct classes for C.E.U.s for R.N., M.F.T., M.F.C.C., and M.S.W. licenses.

A website of Integrative Professionals, Services, and Events
SBHEALTHSOURCE.ORG is our on-line project to facilitate the dissemination of information about whole person health and health choices. Our goal is to encourage individuals to be empowered and informed in heathcare dicision making. SBHEALTHSOURCE.ORG represents the best of the Santa Barbara integrative health practitioners and whole person health offerings in an easy to use format.

Contact Information

Ann Todhunter Brode, Director

E-Mail Me
P: 805-966-1681

531 Chapala Street Suite 3
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Online Magazine

SBHEALTHINSIGHT is a collection of creative articles, innovative research, and general information. We have asked the eminent and creative health professionals of Santa Barbara to contribute to the SBHEALTHSOURCE on-line magazine, SBHEALTHINSIGHT. Through this medium we hope to enrich peoples lives through encouraging optimum health and contributing to the embodiment of conscious living. Our dedication is to mind-body-spirit health.

The site features contents such as:

Book review
Research frontline
Public health forum

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