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Thank you for visiting SBHealthSource.org, a non-profit foundation.
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SBHealthSource.org was created to respond to the multidimensional healthcare needs of the 21st century.

In a time when the mind-body-spirit connection is recognized as integral to whole person health, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive listing of integrative health practitioners and services.

We are excited about this practical and innovative way to assist the community of Santa Barbara in addressing health care needs through easy access to top quality professionals and services.

We are also honored to facilitate health professionals as they serve their patients/clients in ways that are creative, efficient, and effective.

SBHealthSource.org is a project of the Healing Center Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 non profit, dedicated to integrative, whole person health care in Santa Barbara.

Board of Directors:

Christiane Beckom, MsT
Ann Brode, CST
Marilee Gordon, MSW
Laurie Zalk
Thomas Paine

Ann Todhunter Brode, Administrator
Thomas Paine, CTO
Carrie Brode, Production

Special Thanks to photographers Susan Levin, Carrie Brode, and Ben Brode for the “healing places”

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Listing on this website does not constitute any endorsement of a product or recommendation of the practice of any group or individual by SBHEALTHSOURCE or the Healing Center Foundation and its affiliates. Those listing their services are responsible for remaining within the scope of practice of their license.

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